There are many benefits to using a spray-on truck bed liner. In general, a truck bed liner protects the bed of your truck from scratches and damage when you place items in there. These scratches can allow rust to form. However, when you select one, you have a choice of a spray-on or drop-in bed liner. A spray-on liner is sprayed directly onto your truck bed, providing you with a custom, perfect fit. And while you may think you are done making decisions once you select a spray-on liner over a drop-in one, you are incorrect. You have several options to make in regards to your spray-on truck bed. Here are three options you should consider when selecting a spray-on truck bed.

The Texture of the Truck Bed Liner

When you are selecting a spray-on truck bed liner, one of the options you have is selecting a texture for your liner. This may not seem like a huge deal, but there are pros and cons to the various textures you can install. A rough texture can prevent items from skidding or sliding around in the back of your truck. If you transport tools and don't want them banging against the sides of your bed if you have to make a sharp turn or slam on your brakes, this may be a great option. The other option you have is a smooth finish. A smooth finish is much easier to keep clean. If you only transport groceries or heavy items that you aren't worried about sliding during transport, this may be the ideal option for you.

The Thickness of the Truck Bed Liner

Another option you have when selecting a spray-on truck bed is the thickness that you want your truck bed to be. The majority of spray-on liners are made from polyurethane or a combination of polyurethane and polyurea. These materials can be sprayed anywhere from 1/16 inch to 4 inches. If a thin truck bed liner is hit by a rock, or is gashed due to a tool you place in the back, the dent or scrap can pierce through the liner, which can allow water in and cause rust. However, the thicker the truck bed liner, the more expensive it will be. Ultimately, you have to decide which thickness is right for you based on items you are placing in the bed of the truck. 1/4 inch is optimal for those using their trucks for normal everyday use. Those who place construction materials or landscaping tools in their truck may wish to select a thicker bed based on the type of tools they are placing in the truck and how likely they may be to pierce or scrap the surface of the bed liner.

The Color of the Truck Bed Liner

The last option you have when it comes to a truck bed liner is the color of the liner itself. When you think of a truck bed liner, you probably think of a black liner. However, while black is extremely popular, there are other colors you can select from. Black attracts heat and, because of that, can be hot to the touch or can make the bed warmer. Selecting a lighter color, such as a gray or tan, can help keep temperatures a bit lower in your truck bed. This can be beneficial if you store items you want to keep cool in your truck bed, such as ice chests when you camp or fish. Another color option you may wish to select is a metallic finish, such as silver. Metallic finishes are becoming popular due to the clean and unique look they give a truck. Ultimately, you have to select which color appeals to you and matches the color of your truck, but keep in mind that black is not the only option you have.

Getting a spray-on truck bed liner can alter the appearance of your truck bed, increase it's functionality and protect it from rust. However, you have many decisions to make when it is time to select the bed. Your first decision is selecting a drop-in or spray-on liner. Once you have selected a spray-on one, you have the option of picking a color, a thickness and the finish. Learning what your options are will better help you to research these options so you make an informed decision as to which is right for you when you're shopping for truck bed liners at a shop like Hillsboro Industries.