A boat is a cross between a car and house on water. It is a mobile craft, but it is also a place to sit, relax, eat, drink and maybe even take an afternoon siesta. That said, you want your boat to look every bit as nice as your house and your car. If it currently looks too bland, there are ways to spruce it up, and not surprisingly, they are some of the same things you already do for your house or car.

Paint It

If you do not own a yacht, (or even if you do!) pull it up out of the water and set it in dry dock. After it has sufficiently dried off, clean it well. If you have some barnacles or mussels stuck to the underside, scrape them off and then wash the hull again. Now your boat is ready for a fresh coat of paint. If you so desire, use coating tint for boats, which adds a nice light shade of several colors to areas above the water line of your boat. You can use darker colors for the underside of the boat to make it more distinct.

UV Tint for Windows

If you want more privacy and a lot less heat inside the cabin of your boat or just in the driver's seat, apply UV tint for and to the windows. You can either use a self-adhesive film or use the spray tint in a can. Either of these options changes the color of the glass and makes the boat look more inviting.

Deck Paint

The deck of your boat gets a lot of wear and tear from all of the feet crossing back and forth over it. Reapplying deck paint annually will protect the deck while also making it look like your boat is brand-new. You can go just white (which tends to show dirt, fish guts, etc.) or choose a color that helps hide the foot traffic and messes associated with boating and fishing in the great outdoors.


Accessories for boats are very popular. Flags denoting countries of origin or popular sports teams are pretty common. Fog horns are practically essential, especially if you dock your boat inland close to the ocean and experience frequent bouts of fog. Boats do not customarily come with headlights or fog lights, so you may want to add these to the front of your boat.