If you tend to get tired of your automobiles relatively quickly and trade them in for newer models or car styles every few years, then you have likely already learned that the value of a vehicle can decrease drastically just shortly after purchasing it. However, while the vehicles you purchase will always lose some value after you drive them off the lot and add miles to their odometers, if you choose and care for your new vehicle wisely, you can help it retain as much value as possible, so you get more for your trade in next time. 

Here are two tips for helping your car retain value, so you can get more for it when you trade it in. 

1. Choose Vehicles and Features that Naturally Retain Value

It may sound strange, but some automobiles naturally retain value much longer than others. There are numerous reasons for this, and those that hold the most value tend to be small, have great MPG ratings, and are painted with universally pleasing colors, such as silver. The specific maker of the vehicle and how "trusted" the maker is among auto buyers also helps predict whether a vehicle will retain value over the years. 

To make choosing vehicles that naturally retain value more than others easier, Kelly Blue Book, or KBB.com, publishes a list every year of the year's vehicle models that they expect to hold value well. Look for a vehicle that also comes with a long warranty, which also increases the value of the vehicle when you sell it or trade it in. 

2. Replace Factory Car Mats with Custom Fit Car Mats

Once you purchase your vehicle, it is a good idea to place the factory floor mats somewhere safe, so you can keep them in perfect condition until you trade in your vehicle. When you put them back in your car before you trade it in and the auto dealership sees what great condition the factory floor mats are in, they may be more likely to offer you a higher trade-in value. 

However, of course, they are going to look under those mats to see what kind of condition the vehicle's actual carpeting is in before giving you a trade-in offer. To protect your vehicle's carpeting from spills, debris, and all of the outdoor elements you track into your car from your shoes (like salt during icy winters), buy custom fit car mats and cover your carpeting with them to keep it in meticulous condition. 

Unlike universal fit floor mats, which only come in a few sizes and are not made specifically for your vehicle, custom fit car mats are produced specifically for your vehicle make and model; they are made to cover every square inch of your vehicle's carpet, unlike other types of floor mats, so they provide superior carpet protection. 

There are custom fit vehicle liners, which typically consist of just a waterproof membrane, and custom fit weatherproof mats that have a waterproof membrane on the underside of them and carpet on top; while both will protect your vehicle's carpet well, the mats with the carpet on top will be more comfortable on your feet while you are driving. 

If you are looking for a new automobile that you know you will likely trade in for a new model in a few years, then follow these two tips for helping your new vehicle retain as much value as possible until you trade it in. Of course, also be sure to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on it while you own it and keep it carefully documented. For more information, talk to a professional like Koolatron Corp.