Finally getting the sports car you dreamed about as a teenager means that you're going to be taking it everywhere. You may be so proud to finally have it in your garage, but you've got to make sure your commitment to maintenance matches the pride of ownership. For that reason, care for that new sports convertible or coupe with these suggestions.

Read The Manual

Many people never open the glove compartment to seriously read through the provided manual. In fact, you may have already lost it. However, if you're not used to the special needs of your sports car, you could prematurely wear down the wheels, brakes, engine, and other components. Look for oil changing details, operating details, and other guidance regarding your treatment of the car.

Use A Car Cover

If you aren't going to be storing the vehicle in a garage for whatever reason, car covers are vital for protecting the exterior of the coupe or convertible. Ensure that you don't skimp on the car covers you buy; look for covers that are thicker and less likely to blow around or fly off. You might want to rely on covers that are designed specifically for the shape of your personal sports car. For example, you may opt for a Corvette car cover if that's what you're driving. With a cover, you can worry less that rain, snow, and sun will affect the way your vehicle looks.

Wash The Undercarriage

You may know that coupes, convertibles and most sports cars sit much lower to the ground than other vehicles. Therefore, be as careful as possible about cleaning the undercarriage. This may need to be done by a professional detailer or car wash establishment. Skipping this task can encourage corrosion and other damage related to the debris that your vehicle will collect without you ever really seeing it or being aware of it. 

Check The Tires

You're probably driving much more when you own a sports car. You must ensure that the tires are the most appropriate for your car model, and you also should be checking in with mechanics about how well the tires are wearing over time.

Sports cars look flashy, drive fast and provide hours of fun. However, to keep that up, you'll need to schedule maintenance time and remain aware of treating the car well. Visit auto accessory retailers and discuss what your car might need to look good and stay functional.