The windshield on the front of your RV is often very large and open, which is good for visibility, but it can also present some problems that you might need to consider. Using an RV windshield cover on the front glass provides several benefits in several different situations.

Storing Your RV

When you are storing your RV, putting an RV windshield cover over the glass when the unit is sitting helps to protect the interior and the dashboard of the RV. The sun beating down through the glass all day causes the vinyl to crack and the carpet and seat fabric to fade. 

In many cases, the unit may not be affected when it sits for only a few weeks or a month, but if you are using the RV, it is a good idea to find a retailer that sells RV windshield covers for your model and put it the cover in place when you are not driving it.

Privacy For Your RV

When you are using your RV, you do not want people looking at it through the front of the unit while you are inside. RV windshield covers increase your privacy, but they can reduce the light coming in through that glass. One option to consider is a cover that lets light through but does not let people look in and is installed inside the RV so you can close it when you are inside the unit.

Using a cover that is inside the RV keeps it from blowing away in bad weather and prevents you from having to try and reach the top of the windshield which can be very large on a class A RV. These covers also add some security to the RV by reducing the ability for someone to tell if you are inside or not.

Side Glass Covers

It can be equally important to cover the side window of the RV as well. Your RV dealer will often carry RV windshield covers that come with side covers as well, but make sure you ask when you are looking at options. 

The side window covers may be more important for RV with large side windows. Often smaller class C RVs have a loft over the cab with an overhang that may cut down on the light coming in, but the covers are still important for blocking people's ability to see into the RV while you are in it. 

Contact a local auto accessories store that offers products like RV windshield covers to learn more.