Looking For New Car You May Trade-In In A Couple Of Years? 2 Tips For Helping Your Car Retain The Most Value

21 Mar

If you tend to get tired of your automobiles relatively quickly and trade them in for newer models or car styles every few years, then you have likely already learned that the value of a vehicle can decrease drastically just shortly after purchasing it. However, while the vehicles you purchase will always lose some value […]

Is Your Boat A Little Bland? How To Spruce It Up

6 Mar

A boat is a cross between a car and house on water. It is a mobile craft, but it is also a place to sit, relax, eat, drink and maybe even take an afternoon siesta. That said, you want your boat to look every bit as nice as your house and your car. If it […]

5 Tips for Choosing & Using Sliding Tarps in the Snow

19 Dec

A rolling truck is an effective way to keep the load on you trailer protected, but if you drive through a lot of snowy conditions, you may want to choose your tarp carefully and have a few strategies at the ready to deal with snow. Whether you do this for a living, or could use […]

Curb Your Enthusiasm For Using Your Car’s Parking Pawl

31 Dec

As a driver, there are plenty of bad habits you can pick up without realizing it. One of these bad habits involves using your parking pawl instead of the parking or emergency brake when parking your car. When it comes to your vehicle, seemingly innocent bad habits can have plenty of unexpected consequences. The following explains […]

Selecting A Spray-On Truck Bed? Three Options To Consider

29 Dec

There are many benefits to using a spray-on truck bed liner. In general, a truck bed liner protects the bed of your truck from scratches and damage when you place items in there. These scratches can allow rust to form. However, when you select one, you have a choice of a spray-on or drop-in bed […]

4 Types Of Auto Glass Coatings Explained

10 Dec

Your car’s windows and windshield face a host of enemies throughout every day of driving, from the sun’s rays to precipitation to a stray pebble from the vehicle in front of you. Fortunately, your car’s glass can be more than just glass, as there are a variety of coatings that can be applied to change […]